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I only wish the best for meme professional Aziz Ansari

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Aziz Ansari was a young and up-and-coming comic around the time I started paying attention to young and up-and-coming comics, so I've paid attention to a lot of his career. I really enjoyed his first standup special (though I haven't seen it in a while so I don't know if I still would) and I liked Parks and Rec a lot. I paid for his second stand-up special and turned it off like 3/4 of the way through because I thought it was so bad, but I was high at the time, and I don't usually get high, so I watched it sober a year later and I disliked it even more. I didn't think his next special was terrible, but I didn't think it was that great either. I think he has one from the past year? I haven't seen it.

Anyway, until yesterday he'd settled in my mind as a talented character actor with one good standup and a corny but successful schtick that appealed to college dudes. He always seemed like he "got it" wrt intersectional politics but wasn't able to turn that into good comedy so he made bro comedy where it seemed more and more like his 3 jokes were: those where his family (he being a second-generation immigrant) were the butt of the joke, dating stories from the all-too-marginalized straight male perspective and crappy fillers where he had varying degrees of success trying to carry bad jokes with his natural exuberance which was gradually growing less and less natural and more forced.

Anyway, Master of None fully changed my mind. I watched about half of it last night, and from the first scene I could tell it was a very funny show that found humor in different perspectives and came by it honestly (ie, the characters are just funny people who get into real life situations). There's a great joke early on in the second episode that I won't spoil but it turns a pretty broad joke about millennials into a moving illustration of not only his immigrant parents' (played by Ansari's actual parents!) struggles but also their joys and unique characters with a comedic payoff that had me rolling.

I guess that's a lot of words but I'm just excited to see someone in whom I always saw a lot of potential finally realize it.

SHORT REVIEW: Lots of heart and I haven't laughed so hard so consistently at a show probably since the first season of Broad City. Says some important things and does so in a non-self-righteous manner, often at the expense of the main character without painting him as a total asshole. Casting highlights include Jon Benjamin and Eric Wareheim (both of whom could read the phonebook and I'd watch), Danielle Brooks (Taystee from OitNB) and Noel Wells (1 season of SNL, I didn't really think she had the unique skillset for that show outside of a killer Lena Dunham impression but she does very well on a traditional comedy) as well as Kelvin Yu and Lena Waithe, who I've never seen before but are fantastic. And Aziz Ansari's parents!

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i just finished "indians on tv" and honestly teared up a little bit because like. idk, i feel like so many shows, even when they do have diverse casts or whatever, still seem to be oriented towards a white audience (like blunting racism into something that hurts but is ultimately funny/something you can laugh off or downplaying how much some poc trash talk white ppl lmao). but master of none seems significantly closer to my actual lived experiences as a poc and how i interact with my friends??

and if that's a deliberate move that they made when writing this, i think it pays off a TON. like having these issues be discussed AMONG people of color allows a lot more room for complexity and nuance. and you avoid the issue of having one character speak for all poc?? like we all have different opinions and experiences??? and disagree about shit all the time and that's okay???????