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The Conquest of Bread is pretty commonly referenced.

Triumph of Evil is a history book about US crimes during the cold war.

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Are you reading the first volume of Das Kapital?

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I dunno I just bought a copy called Das Kapital on the front it doesn't mention anything about volumes.

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Volumes II and III were prepared by Engels from Marx's notes. Only the first volume was published durint his lifetime. I suspect that what you have is the first volume. If that is the case and you find the first volume interesting, you could just as well continue on.

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Conquest of Bread, by Kropotkin (I guess the staple book that people read to get into anarcho-communism?)

The Ecology of Freedom, by Bookchin (It's hip to read now with the whole Rojava revolution in Syria, and probably one of the better contemporary authors in the category of libertarian socialism)

The Ego and Its Own, by Stirner (Just do it. I know he's a meme and all but his pov has proven to be useful in many discussions with people who don't come from like a soc-liberal or soc-dem background. Also useful to finally put to rest the so-called contradiction between individualism and collectivism that certain types of socialists bring up)

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I know he's a meme

I don't know who any of the people you mentioned in this post are lol

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I think it's a good idea to avoid reading very fringe thinkers like Stirner, at this point.

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I always recommend him on top of a staple book precisely because he's fringe, he gives a useful perspective I haven't found elsewhere. Avoids people from falling into the same traps.

Every revolutionary project that doesn't have the self (and as extension the collection of all selves) as the centre, will ultimately betray the people it is supposed to serve or have groups of people conveniently ignored and forgotten because they don't neatly fit in the picture.

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Well on leftist meme pages you might bump into memes about "spooks". Which is his term for abstractions and fixed ideas, which influence the way we think and see ourselves. eg. concepts like private property, religion, the nation and even society itself.