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[–]trimalchio 4 points5 points ago

yeah, the reddit code is really not at all written for what we use it for.

[–]StudentRadical 4 points5 points ago

My favorite little thing is how their trying officially to subreddits communities or something... but guess what, it's 'subreddit' in the code! It really is a cowboy coder company.

[–]trimalchio 4 points5 points ago

yeah they make something that kinda works for them and they don't fuck with it and whenever they do have to do stuff with it it's a massive clusterfuck and everything is broken until they fix all the shit they broke.

[–]StudentRadical 3 points4 points ago

TBH the lack of static typing terrifies me in a thing that's supposed to both generate well typed data (presumably HTML and shit follows some laws, although browsers are nice and somewhat forgiving) and runs 24/7. Like you guys originally made it in Lisp and decided to recode it in Python? Wasn't the cliched start up strategy to develop in an a g i l e manner in a non-static language first and then refactor critical pieces to some static one? I suppose those blogs I used to read were full of crap, but anyways.

[–]trimalchio 1 point2 points ago

i mean the original lisp code was probably more of an exercise for smartypants kids than anything. rewriting it in python made sense back then; python was a cool ass language that all the cool kids were using to chill. and i mean, it's not like their problems are really based around the python parts; it's all really just broken because they designed it around a central SQL system and afaik that's still their big limiting factor toward making it more redundant.

as for going from dynamic to static stuff that's more important when the speed of the application on the system matters. when it comes to a website like this it's probably never really a big deal of how you're doing the computation it's almost always where the data actually lives. and that's why they have a memcache layer that keeps everything in memory so they're not wasting time getting data from disks.

basically they just sysadmin'd around the problem because the code isn't really doing much of anything anyways. it's like... just give a precomputed list of links and the almost static rest of the page.