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I don't have root on the system so I can't do it; I think srsly has that access.

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it's totally ok

on a side note the clacks overhead function is the only good thing to ever be made by redditors

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This link urges me to put Terry Pratchett's name in the middle of TF's http headers. That's all this is doing. It's not doing anything quite like what happened in Going Postal, which would be more akin to a virus designed to never be detected and never do anything besides display some very technical data hidden from anyone besides the coder of the virus.

To do what the site suggests, I could just as easily put his name in a javascript variable which did nothing. In fact, that's exactly what this does javascript code snippet does. It defines a nonsense variable, in this case "X-Clacks-Overhead", and assigns it the value 'GNU Terry Pratchett'.

(function() {
   var X_Clacks_Overhead='GNU Terry Pratchett';

Come to think of it, I'm actually pretty proud of this snippet of code.

Allow me to explain to technical people: in a self-executing anonymous function I define X_Clacks_Overhead in a totally clean and anonymous namespace1, then I end the anonymous function.

Allow me to explain to non-technical people: Imagine I am a scientist and I create a tiny brain in a tiny jar. I tell that brain, "Remember this: X_Clacks_Overhead means 'GNU Terry Pratchett'." This brain understands this and remembers this. And then I send that whole mess to the garbage, forget it ever happened, and continue along as though I had never even created a tiny brain. You ask me what happened to my tiny brain, and I would have no idea what you are talking about. If you ever want to know what tiny brain had to say about X_Clacks_Overhead, you're out of luck. And I wouldn't be faking having forgotten that, I would be sincerely amnesiac about the whole thing.

As an afterthought, we could put a web-browser in a small hell of non-stop remembering and forgetting like so2 :

while(true){(function() {
   var X_Clacks_Overhead='GNU Terry Pratchett';

This will have me creating endless tiny brains until I have been forcibly, mercifully killed. I would not remember a time before I created tiny brains, I would not remember creating any tiny brain before. I would be endlessly creating tiny brains. And I would be endless tossing the brains into the trash and starting anew. I promise you this, Terry Pratchett's name will outlive this project, and this project wont really do anything to prolong Terry Pratchett's legacy3

Sorry for being cynical, but this is not a satisfying tribute to Terry Pratchett.

1 : A namespace without a name! Behold the magic of javascript!

2 : Warning, actually executing this will crash your browser tab or window. Or at least make the browser say, "hey, there's something wrong with this script, I've been chugging away at it for millions of cycles and I have literally nothing to show for it."

3 : In a generally forgotten Greek myth, Cassandra accurately predicts that the name "The GNU Project" will be muttered last a scant four days after author Terry Pratchett is terminally forgotten.3

4 : Terrifyingly, "The GNU Project" trails only six days behind "The Human Race".

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