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for class but also because it's great I'm reading New England Bound by Wendy Warren. It's a well sourced history book on the presence of slavery in New England. She talks about New England's reliance on the presence of slavery to do much of the work of colonialism and how that was erased through American history.

The goal of the book is to take northerners who believe that slavery is really a history of the South into the real world. New England didn't have as many slaves as other parts of the world, but the institution was just as necessary to the colony's survival, and the formation of New England as we know it.

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I just devoured the Black Mage Series yesterday. I thought the series was a light hearted Hogwarts-y book about the adventures of an underdog girl... and then it just went there. And I just finished the final book and I'm honestly not sure what to think of it. Because the scenes felt dragged out it was too dramatic for me. I mean it's a happy ending, but the ending wasn't very fulfilling after all the Sad Things™ that happened

I'm not fond of reading memoirs and biographies. :x

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I've been reading a bunch because I was on holiday so there's not much to do at airports etc otherwise.

I've been reading Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. She has a much bigger vocabulary than me lol the kindle dictionary function is earning its keep.

I've also been reading a book called Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts which is really interesting but when it starts getting all freudian it looses me a little bit.

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I also finished reading Uzumaki it's weird

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Uzumaki is my first exposure to Junji Ito and I was kinda awestruck about how he drew things because technical aspects. Also back then, I was also disappointed at how it merely ended, without answering any of the questions but I've come to understand that's his style of storytelling—that you just have to accept the weirdness like hey, yeah, it's totes normal. Just a day in my life~

...Unless you're speaking of a different Uzumaki then pretend I never said things ¯\(ツ)

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Well it had a definite resolution at least. I'm not sure how you could possibly reasonably "answer" all the random shit that happens in any sort of a satisfying way.

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that's dope that you're using the dictionary though, a lot of the time if i see a word i don't know i just kind of go along and hope that i'm not missing anything by not knowing it. v mindful way to read

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by high school i hadn't read for fun much, other than harry potter, for a long time. then i started getting back into it, and at that time i mostly stuck around the nonfiction section of the bookstore. johnny cash's autobiography Cash was one of my favourites. i just thought it was amazing how one person could have so many experiences and meet so many talented people. it's been a while since i read it so i don't know if it would have the same effect on me now. Monster, an autobiography of former LA crip Sanyika Shakur, was also formative for me because it taught me a lot about gang culture, prison culture and Black masculinity and might have played a large part in kicking off the interest in SJ that led me to SRS and eventually to this community.

this winter i read another rock star's memoir, Carrie Brownstein's Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, written entirely by the subject, unafraid to portray herself as a real, flawed person who was part of a critically-beloved, influential band that wasn't from a niche genre but never achieved a "rockstar" level of mainstream, commercial success. I related to her talking about being a kid living in the suburbs and playing in punk bands, wishing she could be where the cool kids all are (in her case, Olympia, WA). One anecdote that I loved was her as a geeky teenager auditioning to replace the deceased Stefanie Sargent in the band 7 Year Bitch. Another was her and Jack White not being let into the afterparty for their own college show, a decade into her music career and just a few months before his band made Seven Nation Army. It also reignited my love for Sleater-Kinney, Gone Home and early-90s punk, which users of /r/music may have noticed.